Seattle, the Rainy City

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Welcome to the city sheet for Seattle, part of the play-by-post game for the Dresden Files RPG taking place on the Giant in the Playground Forum. We've had so many good ideas for the city that it kind of ballooned beyond what could be reasonably contained in a couple of posts at the front of the OOC thread, so this is my solution. Use it as a reference during the game and as a handy list of possible allies (and suspects) for when your character needs all the help he can get navigating the Dark and Stormy city of Seattle.


Theme Aspect: It was a Dark and Stormy City
Seattle is one of the wettest, darkest cities in the US, and this fact colors its residents, both mundane and supernatural.
Faces: The Lady of the Rains, Maximillian Ravenmoore (Host of “The Witching Hour”)

Threat/Theme Aspect: Boom and Bust
Marked by periods of great prosperity followed by stunning catastrophe, Seattle is never a boring place to live!
Faces: Prince Balor of the Terrible Gaze (Fomor Prince Resurgent), Mark Waters (Eccentric Billionaire Philanthropist), Chad Evanston Thurgood, Esq. (Chinatown's new landlord)

Theme: What it means to be a Seattleite
Seattleites are a diverse lot spanning multiple distinct subcultures: when they cooperate, the city profits. When they come to blows, the city quakes.
Faces: The Duwamish (The First Seattleites), The Knights of Laconia (Seattle for “Americans”), Making Music (Smells like Teen Spirits); O'Reilly's (It's Magically Delicious); The Dancing Dragon (Safe haven of Chinatown)

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The City Sheet

The Balance of Power
Movers and Shakers
Faces (NPCs)
Rumors, Urban Legends, and Ongoing Investigations

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