Bai Gu Jing
You don't want to see her before the makeup goes on.

Bai Gu Jing (Legendary Shapeshifting Nightmare)
Motivation: Piety is a lie that mortals tell themselves so that they don't fear death. I have no need of it.
Relationships: Zhao Yin [she killed ME?]; The Jade Court [Kneel and accept your servitude]; The Red Court [Foreign fools haven't the sense to recognize their betters]

Description: The fabled "White Bone Demon" appears throughout Chinese myth, always hating men and women of faith and moral rectitude. Her motivations and origins are obscure, but she has tremendous control over other "demons", the ability to assume many forms, and the cunning to use those powers to her greatest advantage. Her true form is a skeleton laid bare of any scrap of flesh or color, hence her name.

When Bai Gu Jing arrived in Seattle, it fell to Zhao Yin's father to defend Chinatown from her depredations - but he was overcome. By accepting her place in her family and community, and with sheer determination and conviction, Zhao Yin was able to defeat the ancient demon before it had a chance to consolidate its power over the local supernatural denizens. In the final moments of the battle the demon assumed the form of Yin's father and demanded, then pleaded, that it be allowed to live. Sure of her mission and her father's teachings, Zhao Yin did the only thing she could do, and ended the threat of the White Bone Demon for good.

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