Duwamish Tribe
Duwamish tribe Headquarters at Tillicum Village, Blake Island

The Duwamish (The first Seattleites)
Idea: Dedicated to keeping native traditions and culture alive, and using its power to hold back the darkness at the fringes of modern Seattle.
The Face: Chief Jack Whitebear (The Land is Ours so Long as We Protect It)
Connections: What it means to be a Seattleite; The Lady of the Rains [Like the Storm itself, we respect her and stay out of her way]; The Shadow Court [A necessary extreme]; Blake Island [Home Sweet Home]; Daybreak Star [Never forget]; Burke Museum [Even our mistakes must not be forgotten]

Description: Legends say that the Transformer created the first Duwamish by teaching wolves how to look like a man. When settlers arrived, the Duwamish had lived in the Sound for 10,000 years. They were quickly dispossessed of their land and likely would have been killed were it not for the brave actions of Doctor Maynard and the forward thinking of Chief Si'ahl, for which the city is named. Since then the tribe has had hard times, but never resettled on a reservation. Today they are involved in a protracted legal battle to claim the legal status of a “tribe” and assert their rights to hunt and fish on their tribal lands. Thanks to their resilience, enough of their tribe's history and tradition have survived to make them a pillar of modern Seattle's supernatural scene and a strong bulwark between the mundane population of the city and the stark darkness that threatens it from beyond the mortal realm.

The strongest manifestation of the tribe's supernatural traditions are its werewolves. A pack of at least a dozen individuals, it acts in some ways as the muscle of the Shadow Court, responding to particularly violent offenders and providing security in high-profile cases. Their human identities are a closely guarded secret, but several are said to range on Blake Island. The tribe also has a medicine man named Stuart Ashleaf. He is knowledgeable in native traditions and capable at ritual magic, though not to the extent that he qualifies for White Council membership. He trains 3 apprentices as his eventual replacements.

The Duwamish have a dark side, too. Their tragic history has yielded its share of hauntings, curses, and dangerous relics, most of which are kept under careful wraps at the Burke Museum. There is also a dark undercurrent of jealousy within the tribe and the larger urban Native American community at the power wielded by the werewolves and medecine men of the tribe. Rumors of a group of younger tribesmen and women who have turned to the dark path of the skin-walker seem to be backed up by a rash of animal attacks in the city's oustskirts.

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