Excelsis Development, Ltd
"Our firm focuses on urban sustainability, if by 'sustainability' you mean 'profit', and by 'urban' you mean 'making obscene quantities of'."

Excelsis Development, Ltd. (We'll build a better Tomorrow; You'll get out of our way)
Idea: A high-power redevelopment company that specializes in acquiring underdeveloped urban land and turning it into lucrative business and residential high-rises. Leverages creative accounting and supernatural competency to aid in hostile takeover of reticent asset-holders.
The Face: Chad Evanston Thurgood, Esq. (Chinatown's new Landlord)
Connections: Boom and Bust; Mayor Dawn Collins [She pays the bills but doesn't want to see the dirty laundry], The Jade Court [We'll make them an offer they can't refuse]

Description: Excelsis Development has been active in urban renewal throughout the country, and has a reputation for convincing people to sell their property for redevelopment. In Seattle it has recently taken on responsibility for the Chinatown "revitalization". Its CEO, Chad Evanston Thurgood, Esq., actually moved into Seattle to oversee the development personally. He has already bought out 15% of Chinatown, and has made offers on much of the rest. Key properties in the zone of revitalization that have refused to sell are finding themselves beset by lawsuits, civil inspections, code violations, and tax audits. In certain cases, the Zhao family has noted increased spirit activity in regions under dispute, but of course this must be a coincidence.

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