Seattle is a city full of the strange and unexplained, all hidden neatly behind a veneer of modernity and multiculturalism. There are too many interesting citizens (and denizens) to count, but some of the most important and publicly known are listed here.

Allies, Family, and Superiors

The Lady of the Rains
Patrick O'Reilly
Zhao Bae
Kara Mulrooney
Zhao Li
Kim Sung

Contacts and Noteworthy Citizens

Chief Jack Whitebear
Stuart Ashleaf
Mayor Dawn Collins
Tyra Wallace
Maximillian Ravenmoore
Mark Waters

The Opposition

Prince Balor of the Terrible Gaze
Chad Evanston Thurgood, Esq.
George Huang
Tina Huang
Theodore Huang
Suh-Yi Yeung

Fellow Seattleites

Hinagiku Katsura

Friends from out of Town (and, you know, enemies)

Zhao Long
Bai Gu Jing
Melchizedek the Souleater

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