Hak Hoh Fa Smoking Club
Care to make a friendly wager?

The Hak Hoh Fa Smoking Club (What happens in Hak Hoh Fa stays in Hak Hoh Fa)
Idea: Everyone knows that Hak Hoh Fa is a gambling den, but police have better things to do than break up late night games of high stakes mahjong.
The Face: Theodore Huang (Di Xin reborn)
Connections: George Huang, Tina Huang

Description: The Hak Hoh Fa smoking club, known to anglophones in the city (if it is known at all) as the Hak, is the Huang family's traditional stronghold and center of high stakes illegal gambling in Chinatown. The ground level is a small bar and smoking room, but the true establishment is found below ground. Here there are always games of mahjong, fan tan, pai gow, and others going on. Some games involve fairly low wagers and are more or less friendly, while others have considerably higher stakes.

In particular, the gambling house is known for putting up relatively high wagers against goods brought in by patrons who don't have the cash to cover their debts, provided those goods have mystical or traditional significance. So a man who has run up a gambling debt at the club which he cannot pay might bring in an old family heirloom and receive a generous price for it, or he might bring in the artifact as the wager itself and the house will typically place good odds on any wager he chooses to make with it. As a result, over the years, the Huang family has built up a generous supply of ritual and mystical items, which aided them in their recent takeover of Chinatown's disparate gangs.

Other more dangerous games are rumored to occur at Hak Hoh Fa from time to time, including exotic fights between mystical demons, and the immensely popular (but occasionally risky) báigē piào (also known as keno). Keno tickets, like lottery tickets, can net a lucky owner vast sums of money. Unlucky ticket holders with a "black draw" can lose something even more precious - a liter of blood, say, or 3 years from the end of their life, or a kidney. Repeated attempts by the SPD to prove these events are always stonewalled by the tight-knit community and fear of retribution.

Following the Huang family's great success during the Tong turf war, George Huang no longer has the time or inclination to pay close attention to the nightly goings on at his family's traditional stronghold. He now splits his time between the Chinatown bank and business dealings in Taiwan and elsewhere abroad. His son, Theodore, presides over the Hak Hoh Fa these days, and the club is more dangerous and more lucrative than ever before.

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