Jade Court
The Ba Gua garden, most common meeting place for dealings with the reclusive Jade Court

The Jade Court (Behind the Scenes)
Idea: Reclusive group of Eastern vampires involved in criminal enterprises, but keeping a low profile in all their dealings and rarely mixing it up with other groups.
The Face: Suh-Yi Yeung (Venerable Tong Patriarch)
Connections: It was a Dark and Stormy City; The Zhao Family [Do not awaken the sleeping giant]

Description: Mostly confined to Chinatown and neighboring Harbor Island, their interests are narrow and include smuggling and ownership of several gambling dens. In the past they operated money laundering services for the Red Court, moving large sums of money in and out of the country to obscure its origin, and acting as intermediaries for bribes and extortion scams. They are known to Law Enforcement as a sect of Tong gangsters.

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