Kim Sung
Kim performing at last year's Winterfest

Kim Sung (Foxy Rock Goddess)
Motivation: My music is my life, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun too!
Relationships: Connor O'Reilly [My best mate], Gumiho [BEST BAND EVAR], Making Music [I'm lucky to have what I have]

Description: The headliner for popular regional band Gumiho, Kim is certainly tinged with something a little strange. Her music is peppy but still powerful, and is popular enough that she doesn't need a day job to get by (not that she's exactly swimming in cash). She has a shot for the big time, but seems to be quite comfortable in Seattle and perhaps hesitant to take the next big step. Has been through hell and high water with Connor O'Reilly, and considers the pub her home and his family a part of hers.

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