The Knights of Laconia
The Joshua building, which includes the KoL permanent headquarters.

The Knights of Laconia (Seattle for "Americans")
Idea: Once merely a misguided labor organization, the KoL are now a full-fledged racist organization whose goal is to drive out "foreigners" (pretty much anyone that isn't Western European-descended or, oddly, Native American), whom they blame for America's recession, urban crime, the unraveling of traditional values, and the fact that the Seahawks have never won a Superbowl.
The Face: Matthew Jones (People work best when they know their place)
Connections: What it means to be a Seattleite; Excelsis Development, Ltd. [A job well worth the doing]; The SPD [City Cops understand what we're talking about]

Description: Early Seattle's interactions with the Asian community were a mixed bag. Thousands made the trip from China in search of work on Western railroads and construction jobs, and when the economy tanked around the turn of the century, many people blamed the influx of foreign labor. In and around Seattle there were massacres, racist riots, and attempts to intimidate and destroy Chinese businesses. Labor organizations descended on Chinese parts of town and tried to forcibly evict them, packing them into railcars and onto passenger ships in an attempt to get them out. Police and officials were slow to respond, if they bothered at all. Thomas Burke, an influential Irish immigrant and judge, was one of the few people who stood strongly on the side of the Chinese immigrants' rights, and tried to convince his fellow Irish that they should, as well (historical associations that bleed into the modern day).

The Knights of Laconia were a particularly outspoken (and violent) part of these tumultuous events. Though nominally a labor group, they were also involved in other violent and anti-Asian activities throughout the country. The organization is officially defunct these days, but a small sect has survived to the present day, strengthened recently by the recession and International tensions with China. They see the redevelopment of Chinatown as a white neighborhood as a priority and believe that Chinese immigrants can't be trusted, and are stealing opportunities away from "real" Americans. They seem to be a strictly mundane organization that has yet to resort to anything outright illegal, but they don't hesitate to use propaganda, harassment, intimidation, and any other dirty tricks they can think of to purge Seattle of its ethnic "taint".

They are well funded and well situated, with a headquarters building straddling the Pioneer Square and Chinatown districts and at least a dozen full-time staff. According to Chinatown residents there is also collusion between the Knights and certain members of the SPD, but an official investigation has yet to discover any evidence supporting these accusations.

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