Making Music
Regular local concerts and hundreds of small venues provide ample opportunity for the aspiring musical artist.

Seattle's Indie Music Scene (Smells like Teen Spirits)
Idea: Seattle has a strong musical culture. In particular, indie rock and experimental evolutions of cultural music enjoy huge regional poularity. Many of the most popular bands are in fact composed of more than normal individuals, and many in the Undertown and throughout the city dream of making it big in the music biz.
The Face: Kim Sung (Foxy Rock Goddess)
Connections: Boom and Bust; O'Reilly's [The Spot to be discovered]

Description: With musical offspring like Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, and many others, Seattle has always been a hotspot for the next new sound. This is true more now than ever before, and hundreds of bands jockey for regional acclaim, hoping to draw the attention of big national labels. It's so big that it has even drawn in the supernatural community, and you never know when a band's drummer is really a werewolf, or its keyboardist actually a changeling. The band "Gumiho" has been on the top of the local scene for the past couple of years, and has even signed on with a respectable local label. Gumiho hasn't made it into the national spotlight yet, but according to their lead singer and bassist Kim (who is practically worshiped in the young Seattle Asian and Undertown communities) they like it where they are.

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