Maximillian Ravenmoore
The truth is out there!

Maximillian Ravenmoore (Radio Psychiatrist Investigator)
Motivation: Helping the good people of Seattle is my mission, but something out there in the night is hunting us. I can feel it.
Relationships: The Truth is Out There [I just know it]

Description: His show started years ago as a serious late-night psychology program, where he helped callers with their psychological issues and discussed ways to improve your life. It always had a bit of a theatrical, macabre bent, but it was understood that these were dramatic flourishes meant to spice up the program and illicit the occasional laugh. Starting a few months ago, however, he began delving into what he calls an "unprecedented rash of suicides in our city, afflicting people whose psychiatric profiles contraindicate suicidal tendencies". As he has spent more of his time investigating these tragedies, and the people they affected, his show has switched more and more from a psychiatric help program to a late-night discussion of the host's paranormal theories and callers talking about their experiences with Seattle's supernatural side.

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