Mayor Dawn collins
A new mayor, for a new Seattle

Mayor Dawn Collins (For your own good)
Motivation: The newly elected mayor who seeks to revitalize Seattle through 21st century industry and redevelopment.
Relationships: Boom and Bust; Mark Waters [Mr. Moneybags!]; The SPD [Don't screw this up for me]; Excelsis Development, Ltd. [They're on time and under budget, I don't care what else happens]; City Hall [My House!]; Tyra Wallace [My right-hand woman]

Description: Elected on a platform of urban renewal and solidarity, Mayor Dawn Collins has run into unexpected resistance to her policies from the residents of certain “underdeveloped” regions of the city, including Chinatown and Pioneer Square. She sees the redevelopment as for these people's own good. Publicly she is quite popular, and has aspirations for higher office as well.

While certain communities in Seattle oppose her redevelopment plans, she is genuinely open to multiculturalism and has demonstrated a deep respect for all of Seattle's many traditions. Her prioritizing of the arts and culture events has helped to jumpstart Seattle's musical community as well. Her campaign received sizable donations from Mark Waters and his circle of tech-business friends, which helps to explain why her priorities skew so strongly toward business interests, but she also aims to redevelop the city to include affordable housing for families and professionals alike. The development project at High Point is her pilot program, and she will do anything she can to see that it succeeds.

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