Melchizedek the Souleater
The face of terror.
Sorry Venkman, I'm terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought.

Cory Ellwanger (KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!)
Motivation: A little taste of power …
Relationships: The PCs [I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those darned kids!]

Description: Cory Ellwanger (later self-identified as Melchizedek the Souleater) was a normal high school kid when he began to develop a minor magical talent to speak with the dead. Unfortunately for him, his strictly Mormon family saw this growing ability as a sign that evil spirits were possessing their son. A year of counseling and ritual purifications later, and Cory had been reduced to a nervous wreck who feared the people, small spaces, open spaces, loud noises, silence, and pretty much everything else. In a final desperate attempt to get their child under control, his parents shipped him to a military academy in Oklohoma in the hopes that rigid discipline and physical conditioning would change their son into a man a family could be proud of.

Unfortunately, while the experience changed him, it was hardly in the fashion that the parents had intended. In the middle of his last term at the academy, Cory snapped. He murdered 3 of his classmates and a teacher, and injured 17 others before disappearing. Unbeknownst to the authorities, he showed up a month later in Seattle, using his dramatically enhanced powers to enthrall his family and turn his old home into a dark cesspit of black magic and necromancy. He was always bright, and by exhaustive investigation and no small amount of genius he was able to work out how to use the Kobe Bell in conjunction with the bizarrely constructed Seattle Space Needle to form a massive beacon that would summon an army of unclean gaki spirits to do his bidding.

With this worked out, all he needed was the set of ritual implements that would allow him to construct the magical circle he needed. This is where things got messy. What started as an SPD investigation into the theft of a few exhibits from the modern art museum spiraled into a race against time to stop the mysterious sorcerer Melchizedek from completing his dark ritual. Running afoul of a pack of goblins working the Undertown black market and the official FBI investigation into Cory's disappearance along the way, the ad hoc group made up of Victor Price, Connor O'Reilly, Zhao Yin, Alexander Ramsey, and Andrew Compton managed to figure out the plot and stop the ritual from being completed in the nick of time.

Following his abortive attempt at undead warlordhood, Melkizedek was brought before the Shadow Court and convicted. His magical talent was somehow excised by the Lady of the Rains and the shattered boy Cory Ellwanger turned over to the authorities. He is currently awaiting trial in Oklahoma.

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