Patrick O'Reilly
Old Man O'Reilly

Patrick O'Reilly (Magically Awesome chef and Patriarch of Clan O'Reilly)
Motivation: I will protect my family, my patrons, and my establishment.
Relationships: Connor O'Reilly [My Son]; O'Reilly's [My pub, ye bollocks, can't ye see my name on the door?]; Kim Sung [She's Like A Daughter to Me]; The Irish of Seattle [We Stick Together]; Mayor Dawn Collins [Over my dead, fat, smelly body]

Description: A minor practitioner with the ability to make leather taste like prime rib, Patrick has always been in love with Ireland. When he realized that his son was in danger there, he made the decision to move away from his homeland to America, but part of him never left. He built O'Reilly's from nothing and turned it into the nexus of the supernatural and the mundane when he discovered an entrance to the Undertown in the wine cellar. He has a calm, reassuring smile and is known to his regular customers as a fixture of Modern Seattle. He opposes virulently the Mayor's plan to redevelop Pioneer Square, and is outspoken at neighborhood meetings about his opinion.

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