Skin Walker
Bad time for a nature hike.

Skin-Walkers (Our past, our power)
Idea: Only a select few are able to master the combination of mindset, discipline, and sheer animal instinct it takes to harmoniously transform oneself into a new form. The way of the skin-walker is the easier path, but comes at the cost of one's humanity and self-restraint.
The Face: ?????
Connections: A Dark and Stormy City; Duwalish Tribe [Afraid of their own power, which they horde to themselves like the invading white men]; The Lady of the Rains [We have found a new master …]; Stuart Ashleaf [He may be getting too close for his own good]

Description: Only a select few of the Duwalish people have what it takes to become a werewolf. They are the elite, serving their tribe and extending its influence into the highest echelons of Seattle's supernatural powers. For those without that gift, and those of other tribes who live in the Seattle area, it can seem like the people with the power are uninterested in sharing their magic.

The tradition of the skin-walker, banned in all the civilized tribes of the country, is a seductive alternative. It requires no skill or training, just the willingness to give yourself to the spirit of the beast. Some people doubtlessly began with good intentions, but everyone loses control eventually. Still, given the raw seductiveness of the power and the difficulty in making new pelts for the transformation, new skin-walkers are spreading remarkably quickly and with remarkable discipline through the disaffected among Washington's Native Americans. And more and more of these individuals are making their way into the city itself from the surrounding countryside. The reasons for these events are unknown.

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