The Balance of Power

Seattle has always been a town of Booms and Busts, and the recent cataclysmic fall of the Red Court vampires has proven to be both. Organized crime in the city is fractured and reeling, while the supernatural triumvirate that rules the city's supernatural community finds itself suddenly missing one of their number. Still, the remaining two powers (The Lady of the Rain and the Duwamish) function in the meantime (through the Shadow Court) to control the excesses of the supernatural population of the city and keep the normal city from noticing the truth. In general the council has little interest in the welfare of mortalkind, though by necessity they curb the worst excesses of supernatural predators to avoid detection.

The vast majority of mundanes don't suspect that anything more than business-as-usual is going on in Seattle. There is no police unit devoted to investigating “unexplainable” cases, and most of the government and people are blissfully unaware of the supernatural. With that said, the supernatural community itself is unusually large and diverse in Seattle, so although mundanes are uniformly in the dark, when taken on a whole Seattle actually has a healthy, busy supernatural community with more clued-in humans than your average metropolis. Normals consider these people a little unhinged, but mostly harmless. It's Seattle, man. There are always some crazies.

The one place where the two worlds frequently collide (even if mundanes are ignorant of this, as well) is Seattle's local music scene, which is big business. It includes literally hundreds of bands that are unknown in the country at large yet fairly successful as regional and cult (as in small, devoted fanbase, not worshipping dark gods … necessarily) performers. Many of them are actually touched by the supernatural in one way or another, and finding and following unknown bands has become a raging fad among both the mundane counterculture and the supernatural community in Seattle.

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