The Dancing Dragon
Snapshot and Floorplan.

The Dancing Dragon (Fortress of Faith)
Idea: A small restaurant in Chinatown and legitimate business front for the Zhao family of demon hunters, hosting private parties and serving tourists and neighborhood residents alike with food and mahjong.
The Face: Zhao Bae (Demon Hunting Matriarch)
Connections: The Jade Court [Peace, of a sort]; Excelsis Development, Ltd. [We will never sell out]
Description: Offering wonderful ambiance and authentic cuisine, the Dancing Dragon is a favorite of Chinatown locals and Seattleites of all stripes. Containing an authentic Confucian shrine dating back to the foundation of Seattle's Chinatown, it is a must-see on any tour of the area! An upper set of private rooms caters to special parties and nightly mahjong games, as well as offering practice rooms for Chinatown's official high school mahjong club. (Which has won 9 national and regional championships in the last decade!)

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