The Fomor
Seen around the Undercity, suspected Fomor herald or scout

The Fomor Invasion (Cold War)
Idea: Taking advantage of the fall of the Red Court, the monstrous Fomor send their servitors into the world to regain their former power. In Seattle the conflict remains low-key, for now.
The Face: Prince Balor of the Terrible Gaze (Fomor Prince Resurgent)
Connections: A Dark and Stormy City; Boom and Bust; Tuatha De Dannan [WE SHALL LAY WASTE TO YOUR STRONG PLACES], The Shadow Court [Our next conquest], Connor O'Reilly [Pathetic mortal pawn, an obstacle to be crushed]

Description: The resurgence of the Fomor is one of the unanticipated results of the end of the war between the White Council and the Red Court. Seattle is a natural target for the Fomor, given its strong connections to water and darkness. So far the Sidhe and the Tuatha De Dannan have successfully forestalled any overt action by the Fomor in Seattle, but given the region's ley lines (which are heavily favorable to the fomor and their brand of dark magic), future conflict is inevitable.

The leader of the Fomor incursion is said to be Prince Balor, a leader of the Fomor who was thought to have been killed in battle millenia ago. Balor may be be blind, but he's every bit as ruthless and terrible as ever, and nursing a grudge that has festered for centuries. His forces are small but fanatical, and though they haven't been as overtly active as they have in places like Chicago, they have been spotted all over town breaking into museums, universities, private collections, and anywhere else that items of mystical significance might be found. There are some thefts as well, but mostly they are just seen, then disappear. Almost like they are searching for something …

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