The Lady of the Rains
The Lady of Rain

The Lady of the Rains
Idea: Enigmatic ruler of Seattle's supernatural scene and spirit of the region's weather and elemental nature.
The Face: The Lady of the Rains
Connections: It was a Dark and Stormy City; Victor Price [My Emissary]; The Shadow Court [My Court], The Duwamish [Worthy Counterparts, but still only human]

Description: Little is known about this enigmatic figure. She is as old as the land and figures heavily in local lore dating back to the oldest tales of prehistory. She isn't malevolent or dishonest, though she can be harsh and merciless. Many figure her for one of the Sidhe or a form of genius loci, and she does entertain members of standing of both the Winter and Summer Court when they are in town. Her interests in the city, inscrutable though they are, are looked after by her emissary, currently a young defense attorney named Victor Price. Past emissaries have always been talented young men of education and standing, including Seattle founding father Doctor Maynard. She is not the most active supernatural force in the city, but she is perhaps the most powerful and certainly the most enduring. When rain comes down hard and the city goes days or even weeks without seeing the sun, it is said that the Lady is walking her domain.

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