The Shadow Court
The Shadow Court, once the Our Lady of Good Help Catholic Church

The Shadow Court
Idea: The supernatural community takes care of its own renegades and troublemakers in Seattle. The Shadow Court makes those judgments.
The Face: ??????
Connections: It was a Dark and Stormy City; The Lady of the Rains [Convening Power]; The Duwamish (The First Seattleites) [Member]; Undercity (The Seattle Underground Scene); Our Lady of Good Hope (Shadowy Courtroom)

Description: Sometimes, a member of the supernatural community does something to draw unacceptable attention to themselves. This can't be tolerated, and when it happens the Shadow Court steps in to police their own. It consists of 3 “Justices”, whose identities are unknown (and probably rotate). As the name implies, they are shrouded in obscuring shadows whenever they preside over a case. Defendants who cannot afford representation defend themselves. Since its inception, the Shadow Court has grown to prosecute crimes that occur in the Undercity, as mundane law enforcement doesn't even know that the place exists. Occasionally the Shadow Court will also act as impassive arbiter of disputes that arise between the city's major powers, as all-out conflict between them would be unacceptably high profile. It is located in the Undercity beneath Pioneer Square and Chinatown, in the burned out husk that used to be the Our Lady of Good Hope Catholic Church, built in 1869 and abandoned some time after the city raised pioneer square above the level of the church.

The Shadow Court is the closest thing the Seattle supernatural community has to a governing body, but for the most part it focuses on keeping the community a secret and punishing those who risk its exposure. Since the loss of the Red Court as a member of the triumvirate, the ability of the court to calm the simmering tensions between the city's remaining power blocs has been steadily eroding. Soon a new power will have to take its place among the three, or risk the city tearing itself apart in a power struggle free-for-all.

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