The Truth
I Want to Believe

The Truth is out there (Ships in the Dark)
Idea: People in Seattle trying to find out about the supernatural
The Face: Mark Waters (Billionaire Collector)
Connections: It was a Dark and Stormy City; Maximillian Ravenmoore

Description: For the most part, people have a remarkable capacity for cognitive dissonance. Tear apart their car with a super-sized loup garou, and a few years later they will remember that they ran into a pack of wild dogs and veered into a ditch. It's the nature of the world.

Some people, though, are the opposite. They go looking for the supernatural, sometimes in all the wrong places. And while this kind of person is usually harmless and easily discredited, occasionally somebody shows up who has the distinct possibility of revealing part of Seattle's magical underbelly. The Shadow Court doesn't like that. One way or another, people like this need to be silenced, before their disruptions become irreparable.

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