Theodore Huang
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Theodore Huang (Di Xin reborn)
Motivation: "The ruler must be greater in both mind and spirit than those he rules." I rule, therefore I am superior. But peons can be entertaining, in their own fashion.
Relationships: George Huang [Most respected father]; Tina Huang [I love you dear sister]; Hak Hoh Fa [My Kingdom]; The Jade Court [Am I supposed to afraid of moldering old corpses?]; The Zhou family [They make a good eggroll, but fighting should be left to men]

Description: There was once a young man named Kuan Zemin who came to America for his education, and eventually got a job working for Eczitech, a biotech company in Seattle. He got married to a Chinese-American woman and had a beautiful daughter named Mai, who was talented with a violin and a dedicated student. He lived in a nice House with a big yard and owned a Mercedes. Then the financial crisis hit. Fired from his job and facing a mountain of debts, Kuan came to the Hak Hoh Fa looking to parley his skill at mathematics into gambling winnings. He lost. Faced with harassment and the brutal beating of his wife while he was away looking for a new job, Kuan finally came to the club offering his daughter, 16 year old Mai, as payment for his debt. Theodore Huang was there to inspect the merchandise. "I see why you don't want her anymore," he said. "But how much are you planning on paying us to take her off your hands? I thought you already owed us a lot of money." Afraid of offending the volatile gangster, Kuan could say nothing in reply. Bored of this commoner, Theodore ordered Kuan into the arena, where he would pay his debt if he could defeat the gladiators within. The three ghouls in the arena tore him apart - but they took their time about it. Mai watched. Afterwards George took Mai until she amused him no longer, then left her to his men. The wife disappeared that night and hasn't been heard from since.

There are a lot of stories like that told about Theodore, and it isn't clear how many are true. They say that he cuts the tongues out of his women so that they will never tell anyone what he does to them in the bedroom. Supposedly he eats men's eyes to see what they have seen, and chews their fingers to take their strength. Rumors abound that he and his sister Tina are in an incestuous love-and-hate relationship. Some say that he has anyone who calls him "Ted" strangled with their own intestines.

None of this is said to his face, of course. He sees himself as a great leader and father to his men, and punishes anyone who disturbs that vision. Despite his extreme nature, his father's steady hand (and the stories of the family's growing control over the dark arts) means that the Huang family continues to grow and the Hak Hoh Fa continues to turn record profits. A bigger question is what will happen when his father dies, and "little Di Xin" assumes control of his criminal empire.

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