Venatorminator (Unstoppable Engine of Destruction)
Motivation: Kill first, Kill some more later.
Relationships: Connor O'Reilly [You haven't run far enough]

Description: Connor has only encountered this mysterious man once, but it was enough to leave quite the impression. Returning from a day out with Kim in Ireland, Connor was greeted with a terrifying sight. Spread all throughout his usual hangout were the dismembered bodies of his friends, their blood and viscera spilling out onto the floor. And standing in the center of the carnage was one man, his immaculate suit somehow unmarred by all the blood. Connor saw murder in the mans eyes, and he knew that he would stop at nothing to kill him and Kim.

His deal with the Tuatha has delayed this reckoning for now, but he knows that it's only a matter of time before this showdown reaches its final act. Sometimes late at night, Connor can feel the suited man getting closer, and wonders if he is ready for the fight of his lifetime.

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