Zhao Bae
That Zen Diet really works.

Zhao Bae (Demon Hunting Matriarch)
Trouble: The Weight Of The Family On My Shoulders
Other Aspects: Timeless Proprietor, "If You Realize That You Have Enough, You Are Truly Rich", Stern But Fair, No Fighting Under My Roof

Conviction: Great (+4), Presence: Great (+4), Intimidation: Great (+4), Lore: Good (+3), Rapport: Good (+3), Resources: Good (+3), Fists: Fair (+2)

Bless This House [-1]
Guide My Hand [-1]
Righteousness [-2]
Taoist's Diet [-0]

When you talk, people listen. When using Presence to command a group, gain +1 on the effort. Further, your efforts to coordinate a group are efficient, moving one time increment faster than normal.
Tower of Faith: Strongly held beliefs enable you to protect your mind from the aggression of others. Provided you get a chance to pray or otherwise call upon your faith, gain Armor:1 against any social or mental stress in a scene.

Total Refresh Cost: -6

Notes: After Yin's father, Lei, died in battle against Bai Gu Jing, it became Bae's duty to take over the household and care for both the family and for their restaurant. Though she can come across as cold, she loves her family and her children deeply, wanting them to be safe but knowing full well that they must continue their family's legacy and keep their neighborhood safe.

As proprietor of the Dancing Dragon restaurant, Zhao Bae is warm, friendly, and welcoming to those who enter her place of business with peaceful intentions. Those who come to make trouble find that she is quick to expel them from the premises (by force, if necessary). And as semi-official Head of the Zhao family, Bae is often the one who converses with the supernatural elements, both those within Chinatown and without, who have slowly begun taking an interest in her family since the momentous events of last year (see Demon Winds).

Among her family and friends, Bae can be stern and forceful when necessary. She will tell you what you need to hear, even when you don't want to hear it. When it comes to her daughter, Yin, Bae is protective, but not overbearing. She knows full well that the girl can take care of herself, but it hasn't stopped her from offering advice to Yin when she feels that the girl needs it. She treats Kara like her own child, but wishes she could have kept the dangerous business of demon hunting out of the girl's life forever.

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